I may 0nly have minutes to live but I

I may only have minutes to live but I'm going to spend them on Mullcom...again!

With Mullcom back.who has time to be a starting QB? My new playbook ends in .WS

When someone tells me they love Mullcom I say #metoo ! I just hope they have it in prison

Mullcom for 400
This site would make me so happy if it wasn't for this 
What is: The cancer in my pancreas




When Im not strokimg out I'm Mullcoming out with my famous son and my drug addled grandson

Check it y'all, the three greatest things in gods beautiful universe are myself, Jesus and Mullcom. 

I have been ready since first call! I was born Mullcom!

Royalty loves Mullcom, right Your Majesty?

Why, yes Your Majesty

I may be a terrible actor, kind of ugly and look like I'm probably a jerk-but I'm a star! and stars love Mullcom